YellowSpotlight - Surasti Kaur Puri

For our very first YellowSpotlight piece, we spoke to painter and illustrator Surasti Kaur about her journey to artistry and the inspirations behind her often social-political art works.


Ordinary Joys

Artist Surasti Puri’s selection of watercolour and gouache paintings ‘Ordinary Joys’ has been on show in the London Lab since the beginning of February.



All things beautiful come to an end. It might be a bougainvillea flower slowly crisping under the sun, a movie that never returns for a sequel, that fugitive word that evades capture but sits teasingly at the tip of your tongue or a simple thought that briefly resided somewhere in your head.



“It was about accessing a memory I remembered and then constructing these people-less spaces, to catch onto a fleeting thought and almost laboriously create a room to hold them.”


Wari Watai

According to Surasti, in her practice, while she tends to use digital tools for her commercial illustration work, she prefers watercolours and gouache for her personal work.


Mirages of the Past

This project was elaborated as diploma thesis by Surasti Kaur Puri at Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology (Bangalore, India) in 2013.


A Stunning College Art Project

History is handed down to us in deftly researched bibliographies and relics. While the human mind attempts to conceptualise the probable ways in which the present could be different, one doesn’t assign the same possibilities to the past.